You are about to discover the most powerful prayer technique known to humankind! There is mystery to the Universe.  However, one thing is certain, there is an intelligence or energy that permeates everything that is seen and unseen.  This intelligence is God (or Source or Spirit.) 

Simply stated, the intelligence that is in your mind is a part of the intelligence of God.  Your mind and the mind of God are one – similar to how a wave is a part of the ocean.  Recognizing and embracing your unity with God will set you free to live a life of choice.  By consciously tapping into your Source through prayer, you can change your life!  You can learn to pray the affirmative way!

There is no audio to the class slides, so please carefully read each slide and scroll down for graphics (if applicable) and take notes if you wish. Don't worry if you miss something, as at the end of class you will find a downloadable FREE Affirmative Prayer Workbook. Therefore, you will be able to review the information as often as you wish. The workbook contains a valuable worksheet that will guide you through your prayers as you practice and explore the amazing power of Affirmative Prayer.


(Note: All photos are courtesy of Pixabay)

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