Believe it or not, everyone is in a continuous state of prayer, simply because we are always thinking, believing, and feeling. If your notion of prayer is to recite memorized words, or to beg and beseech a man in the sky to grant you favors, you will not understand true prayer. I submit a different concept of prayer. Effective prayer is a mental, deliberate act of aligning your consciousness with God (good) and speaking affirmatively from that point.

You may soon realize that ALL prayers are answered based upon whatever a person is deeply thinking, feeling, and believing at the time of prayer. If you pray from a feeling of desperation combined with a belief in separation from God, the outcome of that prayer will be desperation and separation. Similarly, if you pray from a feeling of confidence, positivity, and oneness with Source, the outcome must be positive and good (God).

Let’s take this concept a step further. What if this type of positive prayer did not occur only at set-aside times or in a specific manner, but was occurring all times – even as you write in your journal? Your subjective reality would then be a direct, perfect outcome of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Prayer – minute-by-minute thought/feeling – is either affirmative or negative.

The Centers for Spiritual Living teaches Affirmative Prayer; a creative prayer focused on cultivating an awareness of Spirit and a deep knowing or feeling of spiritual truth. For journaling purposes, this type of prayer is a great way to get centered and write from a point of power, and from God’s perspective.

The Five Steps to Affirmative Prayer

Technically there are five steps, but any technique that can get you to believe in and feel the presence of Spirit would be a great starting point. Before embarking on the prayer, you should contemplate which attribute of God you want to pray on. This would be the purpose of the prayer. I often say “ pray on,” not “pray for,” because to pray for something implies it is missing and you have to obtain it or be granted it. Rather, with Affirmative Prayer you would pray on and recognize the already present good (God) even though it may not be visible to you at the moment. To pray on something is to declare its presence. For example, if you are praying “for” abundance you would not pray for the poverty to go away. To do so would be to focus on the poverty. You would not pray to obtain wealth. Instead, you would pray on the abundance that is in around and through you. Abundance is of Spirit therefore it is always present, how- ever it may not be in your awareness. In order to experience it, you must recognize, acknowledge and accept it as yours. Affirmative Prayer is spontaneous (not scripted). You use your own words generated from your own feelings and sense of knowing.

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